Yoruba Theological Archministry was founded in 1973 and incorporated as a Free Church in 1978. Baba John A. Mason's cause to complete the 1960' work started by A.T.A & Y.T.A co- founder, Cristobal Oliana, and to meet the need to form a religious institution to fill spiritual & cultural voids, while nurturing, enhancing productive study, research & trusted documentation of West African religious culture and its development, growth, and influence in the American diaspora. Our status as a Free Church gave us the legal, ap-proved right to establish schools: pre-schools, universities, and provide our students with the results of esteemed  research.

We felt it was necessary to produce new scholastic studies on our religious and cultural heritage, to enable us to pass on to our children a thoroughly clear awareness of our religious and cultural origins. We decided it would be useful to reflect on cultural errors and solutions of the past, in an effort to plainly define & solve the problems of today. For close to half a century  Y.T.A. has been the leading institution to teach and publish literature about all areas of the Americas' orisa tradi-tions and the influence and impact of those traditions on both American & world-wide cultures.

Our site lets us offer research resultsdirectly to international orisa societies  of devotees & scholars who have sup-ported us in the past and, hopefuly, will continue with future support.

The site will also keep them abreast of new Y.T.A. publications, exhibits, and special events offered by Y.T.A. and affiliated organizations.

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