Fourteen major Yoruba deities are discussed in depth after more than thirty years of groundbreaking research. Their symbols, personal characteristics, philosophic values, animal familiars, corresponding body parts, and feast days are all reviewed. This is the perfect introductory primer for ĎrýsÓ studies.

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Four New World Yoruba Rituals

by John Mason

214 Pages


ISBN 978-1-881244-15-8


It is a detailed review of translatedá prayers, chants, and ceremonies associated with four catagories of Yoruba ritual maintained by New World Orisa devotees. Rituals that deal with respecting ancestors, carrying out blood sacrifice, performing divination, and preparing medicine are all closely reviewed. *This edition now comes with one CD of the songs and prayers, & one new CD with Osanyin songs from Bahia, Brasil. Essays that explore the criteria for change, and change in Orisa culture are included in the book.

Orin Orisa: Songs for Selected Heads

by John Mason

559 Pages


ISBN 978-1-881244-14-1


This is the first comprehensive translation and review of now more than 700 Yoruba songs that have been used in Cuba, by Africans and their descendents, for over three hundred years, and in the U.S., since the 1950's, to praise and envoke some 25 orisa/deities. The classical character of the music, songs, and historic/elemental archtypes is fully discussed. *This edition includes a 38 & 12 page photo-insert containing rare and never before published photographs. An audio CD of orisa songs is now included.

Olookun: Owner of Rivers and Seas

by John Mason

176 Pages


ISBN 1-881244-05-9


This is a comprehensive and groundbreaking study of the Bini and Yoruba deity, Olokun (Owner of the sea), and his traditions as they were established in West Africa, maintained in Cuba, from the early 1800's, and are now continued in the United States. Maps, line-drawings and ninety-nine photographs, many published for the first time, help to visually transport the reader on this journey of discovery. *This book now comes with a CD of Olokun songs.

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OR┌°╠ : New World Black Gods

by John Masoná

146 Pages


ISBN 978-1-881244-17-2


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