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The ten books already offered: ORISA: ... ; Orin Orisa; Four New World Yoruba Rituals; Olookun...; Idana Fun Orisa...; Adura Orisa...; Who's Knocking On My Floor?...; Ironti Aponni Meji: ...Two Flatterers; ARAARAARA: Wondrous Inhabitor of Thunder

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IYIN PIPE: Praise of Completeness

Yoruba Art from the Danny Simmons' Collection

by John Mason

10 pages

Retail $5.00


A ten page, richly illustrated essay which explores the Yoruba artist's aim to create, praise, eulogize the conception of completeness and ideal good when crafting images of the orisa and ancestors.



Baba's Esu-Elegba Tales

by John Mason

48 pages

Retail $10.00

ISBN 978-1-881244-16-5

To amuse and inform you, Baba John Mason has borrowed from Adura Orisa and odu Ifa itan to craft five tales of Esu-Elegba characters in their roles as street hustler-swindlers, elixir concocting healer, capricious, power distributor, horny crim- inal rapist, and shape-shifting homicide detective. Each story has its own music composition, and wonderful illustrtions to help ignite the readers' imagination. A glossary decodes coded terms.

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