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Araaraara: Wondrous Inhabitor of Tunder

by John Mason 

528 pages

Retail $35.00

ISBN 978-1-881244-12-7



A comprehensive exploration of the Sango Culture Complex from the dawn of mankind in southwest Africa to its dominating presense in both the West African and American diasporas is presented. Recent, revolutionary, cutting edge research in genetics and archeology informs the presentations in this book as well as the rethinking of commonly held views about items of cultural lore associated with Sango. A score of maps, many presented for the first time, 141 black and white portraits of Brasilian, Cuban, and American orisa priests, the majority printed for the first time, along with one 32 page, one 40 page black and white photo inserts and one 32 page color photo insert help to display the evidence for the reader to examine. Seventy songs sung to honor Sango and associated orisa in Bahia and Sao Paulo Brasil are presented in Yoruba, as sung, along with their English translations. Sixty of the songs are presented on a CD.