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Idana Fun Orisa: Cooking for Selected Heads

by John Mason

250 pages


ISBN 1-881244-07-5


Here, once again is a serious, extensive, and detailed review of the foods and culinary habits which have helped Orisa worshipers in Yorubaland, Cuba, Haiti, and the United States not only to survive, but to thrive as they have endeavored to first construct, in West Africa, then reconstruct, in the Americas, their cultural identities. The religious, social, and political roles of food and its methods of preparation are discussed. The links between the social and religious cooking of West Africans, African Caribbeans, and African Americans are given close scrutiny. *The book is richly illustrated and has a 32 page, color photos insert.

Adura Orisa:

Prayers for Selected Heads

by John Mason

96 pages


ISBN 1-881244-09-1


For the first time, revealing and detailed translations of prayers, preserved by the Lukumi in Cuba, to the orisa, and prayers recited when odu/oracular signs, appear during divination ritual. Prayers that speak poignantly in response to being alive will enthrall you with their treasure of new information, deep meanings, and poetic brillance.

Who's Knocking On My Floor?:

Esu Arts in the Americas

by John Mason

204 pages


ISBN 1-881244-10-5


Babalorisa John Mason presents everything you might want to see and to know about Esu Elegba in this book richly illustrated with maps, line drawings, and 188 photographs (87 in color). Photographs, revealing and detailed translations of prayers to Elegba, and prayers recited when odu appear during divination rituals are published for the first time.

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Remembrance of Two Flatterers

by John Mason

96 pages


ISBN 1-881244-11-3


Homage is paid to the musical artistry of Obatala priest Rodolfo Martin and Ogun priest Lazaro Ros; both are now with the ancestors. Each aponni/flatterer sings a selection of songs for the orisa that are transcribed and translated. The translations are accompanied by detailed endnotes as well as genealogies of the artists. A four page photo-insert includes never before published photographs. Two CD's, with Rodolfo and Lazaro singing the songs, accompany the book. Special guest Orlando "Puntilla" Rios (1947-2008) sings two songs composed by John Mason in tribute to Rodolfo and the town of Matanzas.